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Our content is ‘lean’ respecting your time! In reality, we wouldn’t be able to be different as time is a major factor in business and finance, our areas of expertise!

AF Consulting was established by experts in Accounting, Taxation, Investment Banking and Finance having previously occupied senior roles managing Mutual Funds, Finance Banking and Management Accounting issues, offering you a spectrum of services that cover every business aspect from Business Development, Accounting and Internal Audit to Project Finance, M&A and Restructuring having a strong and dedicated legal support team by our side!

Our clients range from SMEs to PLCs registered in the Stock Exchange to Multinationals and Greek companies with accounting, taxation, legal and business development projects in Greece and abroad.

We are very fond of our job and we esteem discretion and attention to detail, let alone that our team brainstorms generously when investment/business development projects are in!

Pursuing excellence with a profound knowledge of the Greek market and with an accomplished team of consultants and business partners, we welcome your queries.

With friendly regards,

Εvgenios Kalaitzopoulos MBA
Economist - Senior Partner

Theodore Garbidis
Accountant/Tax Specialist - Partner