Accounting Services

A&F - Accounting Services
  • Full back office accounting / Book keeping / Financial reporting / Tax & VAT compliance / Legal compliance
  • Reporting as per IFRS Employer’s payroll Management reporting
  • Group tax reporting
  • Forensic accounting
  • Pension Schemes advice

Accounting is the science of collecting and systematically registering financial exchanges and events including techniques for the interpretation and presentation of the information captured so as to assist strategic and operational decision making. 

Every business man needs to know:

  • The financial situation (property) of the business at any time
  • How the business assets are used
  • The financial results (loss or profits) achieved
  • The types of control that can be exercised (typical, precautionary, legal audits, preventive, etc)
  • The statistics showing the financial progress of the business

Before you view our services we would like to mention three more points if you are thinking to internationalise or export your products or even if you are considering alternative loan solutions, where our consultants can support you effectively.

  1. The need for various cooperations when exporting or in the case of
  2. Τhe decision to list the company in the stock exchange (Athens). internationalisation initiatives is linked with accounting... Globalisation creates opportunities for all companies especially the SMEs but if cooperation is sought, the financial stance which will be discussed brings in the subject of how this financial information from different accounting systems will be compared. Businesses have alternative solutions when looking for a loan, turning to national and foreign capital markets. Thus, the analysis of their financial stance and potential through the various management reports is inevitable but could be problematic when two accounting systems are involved.
  3. Following the International Accounting Standards set is an orientation that  should be followed by all businesses (looking at international growth strategies and alternative loan solutions) limiting differences between accounting practices and ensuring reports that are easily understood and analysed

At Accounting & Finance ltd. we have a vast experience in all accounting matters even in cases of exports and internationalisations and we will be glad to discuss your needs and our services. Contact us for an appointment!