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A&F - Accounting & Finance Team

Evgenios Kalaitzopoulos MBA - Economist, Senior Partner and Principle Consultant of AF.

Mr Kalaitzopoulos holds an MBA in strategic planning (Kingston University -U.K.) and a university degree in Management Science and advises primarily on business development, project finance and internal audit issues. 

Has a vast experience in banking (has managed bank branches / Protonbank S.A.) and investment planning and his career includes appointments in various positions in state and sector regulating bodies as well as investment watch bodies.

Highly influential, keeps excellent relationships with Key Opinion Leaders both in the public and private sector.


Theodoros Garbidis - Accountant, Partner and Consultant of AF

Mr Garbidis has an extensive knowledge of the Greek accounting environment and practices and advises on issues around accounting, taxation and EU funded business development programmes. He also designs and delivers training seminars on accounting issues. Has held high management positions in accounting functions of various big Greek companies and is keen in developing efficient accounting departments.


Christos Grose PhD, MSc - AF Consultant

Dr Grose holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Macedonia-GR, where he studied Bond Mutual Funds, after receiving his master's degree in Banking and Finance (University of Birmingham-UK). He is an Academic Associate at the International Hellenic University where he teaches Finance at postgraduate level. He has extensive academic experience doing both teaching and research.

Is an active consultant for several years after working for public and private firms' finance departments. Has worked in capital increase cases of public firms, playing an important role in every phase of required processes, while he has a keen interest on corporate governance issues. Strong on analysing and interpreting financial reports and results with a specialisation in assisting managerial decision making.


Panagiotis Patsis - AF Associate Consultant

Mr Patsis has obtained his bachelor degree in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics and Business) and his accreditation for completing the specialised training programmes (master level) designed by the Hellenic Institute of Chartered Accountants for Internal Auditing. 

He is one of the most experienced Internal Auditors having the experience of auditing many and diverse organisations in the public sector (introducing International Accounting Standards in many municipal organisations) apart from the private sector (Industries, Retail) acting as a lecturer for the Hellenic Institute of Chartered Accountants on Accounting, Costing and Taxation issues as well as the National and Kapoditsrian University of Athens on Applied Economics and Accounting.


Georgios Verzigiannis Msc - AF Associate Consultant

Mr Verzigiannis holds a master degree in Applied Accounting (University of Macedonia-Greece) complementing his bachelor degree in Accounting in the same university and has successfully completed various specialised trainings in Internal Auditing by the Hellenic Institute of Chartered Accountants gaining the accreditation to perform Internal Audits.

His career path indicates a keen orientation to Internal Audit having occupied positions committed to Internal Audit as a consultant for PriceWaterHouseCoopers SA and PKF SA. obtaining valuable experience through various companies he has audited in various sectors.


Christos Roukounakis - AF Associate Consultant

Mr Roukounakis holds a bachelor degree in Finance and Economics (University of Crete) and has followed specialised master programmes in Auditing by the Hellenic Institute of Chartered Accountants receiving the homonymous accreditation. 

Proficient in The International Accounting Standards has an equally vast experience in Internal Auditing in various sectors like Industry, Construction and Retail.


Georgios Giotis MSc - AF Associate Consultant

Mr Giotis holds a master degree on International Financial Reporting Standards following his university graduation on Finance (University of Macedonia - GR) and has occupied management positions where he implemented Management Reporting Systems including production costing. 

Keen on improving Management reporting for effective decision making, advises on all issues related to business development as well as the organisation of efficient accounting systems.


Michael Vasiliadis MBA MSc Eng - AF Associate Consultant

Mr Vasiliadis holds an MBA in Business administration (EEDE - GR) and a master degree on CAD / advanced technologies in production. Has participated in complex projects like the online state taxation system and the design of innovative systems for communication using state of the art technologies and advises on systems modernisation in relation to efficient communication environments.