A&F - Hedging

Protect your business from trading and currency risks

At Acounting & Finance, we know very well the risks that can impact your operations and finances especially when you deal with different currencies and have signed a unique cooperation with NBG Securities (part of National Bank of Greece group of companies) to suggest solutions that are specifically developed to protect you against trading and currency risks.

The knowledge and the experience of our consultants (having worked in the stock exchange of Athens) allow the development of a sound cooperation with NBG Securities making the Acounting & Finance Ltd, the only consultancy in Greece that can respond effectively to three different but interlinked needs for:

  • Accounting issues
  • Tax –related issues and
  • Issues related to managing risk

If your business engages in imports or/and exports and you trade in foreign currency, then you expose the company at a risk for which there are solutions to be protected against. Please view some of these solutions as follows:

  • Futures
    • Currency futures
    • Commodity Futures
  • Options
    • Currency option
    • Interest rate option (EURIBOR, LIBOR, etc)
    • Commodity option (oil, gold, etc)
  • Forwards
    These are usually suggested to manage risk for loan cases on foreign currency, import-export trading operations and cases where businesses depend on capital streams from abroad or companies in the shipping sector with revenues in USD.

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