Going Global

A&F - Going Global

Finally, expert advice on Internationalisation for SMEs!

In a globalised market, many opportunities are awaiting, especially the SMEs!

Unfortunately, quality products by Greek SME’s do not travel the world at the speed expected for their quality and the positive perceptions held worldwide about Greece and its products, due to a weakness identified: Greek SMEs do not have access to adequate funding or/and the expertise to design the right market entry, adaptation strategy and communications strategy, let alone conducting negotiations in a win/win way.

Greek products and especially agricultural products are enveloped with quality perceptions as for their production methods and country of origin and this should be harnessed carefully! That is why we have led cluster formation, advising on market development projects having completed successfully projects with oil-olives, Greek cheese (feta), herbs (mountain tea), snails and peaches.

Our team is determined to help SMEs strengthen their competitiveness and will help you expand to any European or non-European market with a set of services tailored to expanding abroad:

  • Foreign Market research
  • Identification of Buyers & Representatives
  • Consultation on product adaptation and communications
  • Coordinating Negotiations
  • Crafting your marketing plan with the corresponding communications
  • Training your people on global marketing management

Especially for the markets of China & Jordan we have established our own trading offices, being able to provide you with more specialised market knowledge

  • In China and more specifically in the Canton region inhabited by 150 million Chinese and home to hundreds import companies looking to initiate and develop commercial relationships with Greek companies, we cooperate with MYTHOS trading, a company specialised at promoting Greek products
  • In Jordan (as the entrance to the markets of Middle East) and in exclusive cooperation with the trading company ORBIT PEGASUS ENTERPRISES LTD we serve you at our second year since the establishment of our offices with exceptional results

We welcome your queries, inviting you to learn more about our expertise!